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Post by p4n05 »

Good morning all,

Is it normal for the wipers to not work until you turn them off and then back on after turning the car off? What i mean is the rear wiper for example is set to work on the intermediate , you turn the car off and when you turn the car back on it is not working. The wiper dial needs to go back to the off position and then back to the intermediate one for it to work? In all my previous cars if you left a dial in a position the "action" attributed to that dial and setting would resume when the engine was back on.

Many thanks


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Re: Wipers

Post by myglaren »

Probably to avoid the wipers scraping over a dry screen.

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Re: Wipers

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Yes - and worse when you have a frozen screen - that could easily destroy your wiper motors quite rapidly and tear all the rubber off the blades. Perfectly sensible and I can just image all the posters complaining about damaged wipers and motors if what you are suggesting was the case Panos.