Stalling 205td

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Stalling 205td

Post by xsaras4ever »

Hello to all.

We have a 3 door 205td. It goes like stink - we call it "petit monstre".

This was definitely a Monday morning constructed car - as opposed to a Friday afternoon car.

We have had other TDs , but this one is the fastest by a long long way.

However , we would not be posting if it didn't have a problem.

If you drive it really aggressively and hard, it cuts out when you slow down for the next junction. Pop the clutch and it catches again instantly.

It only dies when you decelerate, continuing to drive hard for several kilometers is possible.

It never happens in normal driving. We use it for deliveries in the mornings , about 250 stop/starts , and it never dies.

But you CAN guarantee that if you HAMMER it , it will die and re-fire.

We suspect that it is a poor jubilee clip on a fuel hose or a porous hose that allows an air-bubble.

Any thoughts ?

Thank You in advance

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Re: Stalling 205td

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Yep, Pedal to the metal. :-D

Seriously though, post the VIN up so we know what you have.