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Hello From Poole

Post by Kobylas »

My name is Matt
My car at the moment is 2007 C4 grand picasso 2.0 hdi semi automatic.
Would like to know if there is someone close to me with lexia to calibrate my gearbox. It is slipping in every gear after clutch and dual mass replacement. I have a diagnostic tool and it has some sort of calibration software but it's not lexia. Will pay but as I will be selling car in near future don't want to invest in another software.


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Re: Hello From Poole

Post by myglaren »

Welcome Kobylas :welc:

Have a look at this list
At the end is a map link to make it easier to locate those near to you.
Note that not all are active al the time and some may be dormant so a response could take some time.
Send a PM to anyone who may be near you - if to check member details you can see when that member was last active on the forum.

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Re: Hello From Poole

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi, and :welc: to the Forum.

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Re: Hello From Poole

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi Matt and welcome to the forum. Even if you sell the car you can still have some good interchanges on here. I've only been active for 6 months on here and already feel as if I've made some good friends. Have a look round from the Board Index above and join in the banter. Also as hopefully you will find there is no end of help and advice available (some of which won't help with the car but it will cheer you up) :-D

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Re: Hello From Poole

Post by Doo »

Welcome along chap :)

I bought a lexia and am waiting on a new battery for the laptop. Total of around £125 spent, but It'd cost that for a code reading one time at some shop so at least I will be able to use it over & over and perhaps even offer services to other poor souls who are stuck like I was.

Wife is planning another Citroen in the near future so well worth it in my eyes.

As for the forum, I've been off a few days with desperate pain (accident damage from 3yrs ago) so while I'm not a regular, I know some are and they are fabulous.

I'll be sticking around for a while because the knowledge is astounding and I've been around the block a few times in umpteen different mot'ahs :-D

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Re: Hello From Poole

Post by Stickyfinger »