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Some stuff here

Post by Gibbo2286 »

you might find interesting.

The DVSA 'connected equipment' looks more big brother (and costly) than most motor trade stuff.

The Smart car advisory probably fits well with some of the customers the trade has to deal with. :-D ... ad%20more

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Re: Some stuff here

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Well what will the DVSA do with the information from their "connected" tester ... ling_.html
Insider information
How can the DVSA use the information? As MOT testing stations we previously had this data available via an earlier version of the VTS software along with a scoring system. Now just because we don’t see the scoring system please do not think for one moment that the DVSA cannot see your scores.

When a DVSA Vehicle Examiner (VE) is sat down the road from your garage, he is able to look at the TQI of each tester and arrive at your reception area armed with what could be termed ‘insider information’, although the information that the DVSA can see is the same information you can access via your TQI.

Worse still if your TQI percentages are consistently too far from the national average, a computer at the DVSA could alert your local DVSA office and create the need for a Vehicle Examiner to visit your garage unannounced.

more in the article
Regards Neil

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Re: Some stuff here

Post by van ordinaire »

As DVSA have said, this is about fraud NOT safety.

Many garages will be mightily relieved they don't have to install this new kit immediately, as I understand it, this will be the 1st time for some years they haven't had to buy something costing several £1,000: that's a lot of test fees!