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Hullo Again

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After the C6 got written off, I went back to running an Alfa for a bit. The 159 was okay, but it was no C6, and I could foresee a long list of imminent and expensive repairs on the horizon so I got rid of it.

So now I'm back in Citroen ownership with a C-Crosser 2.2 Exclusive. Very happy with it so far... roomy and more comfortable than the Alfa, although it's no C6. I'll still keep an eye open for another C6 but it'll need to be just the right one. The Crosser will do me for now as a daily driver, and will also be more adept at getting out of wet, muddy fields when I'm trail running and while I had no issue taking the C6 skiing, driving up snow covered Alps seems to be more the C-Crossers forte.

I've already had it remapped, and also upgraded the firmware on the MMCS system and configured it to accept the Aux input so I'll be installing the iPhone audio processor tonight.
Other than that, I don't think it needs anything done, other than to be driven and enjoyed.