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Hello From Hebden

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Just had a lift last night in an Aircross -nice. I like some of the smaller citroens as utilities. My First two cars were Citroen ZX with the awesome passive rear wheel steering my passengers hated.

However, I am trying to source bits for my dad's C5 II (2006). Rear hydractive cylinder strut and sphere, apparently I may have more success chasing rainbows.

It sat its rear down in a huff and Citroen apparently do not believe their cars live longer than a decade.
On here on the rare random chance that someone may have a pair and are looking for a new home for it. Otherwise this C5 is going to the scrap yard.


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Re: Hello From Hebden

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Hi and welcome - I've responded to your post in the For Sale / Wanted section.

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Re: Hello From Hebden

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Hi and welcome.
Official citroen parts supply is atrocious, but you should be able to pick up new sphere's and a used cylinder with no problem.

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Re: Hello From Hebden

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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum.