Citroen Xsara N1 lake of power, AC relay? Oh I love my car <3

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Citroen Xsara N1 lake of power, AC relay? Oh I love my car <3

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Hello guys! I have some problems in my 1998 Citroen xsara 1.8i v16 manual gearbox, Xu7jp4(FLY).

1. The Fan blower sometimes working and sometimes not. The connectors are fine, the resistor works. I checked the circuit going to the resistor and it gets 1-3 volts( not enough to move the blower). When the blower works the resistor gets 12 volts. What could be the issue? Is there any blower or AC relay I can check?

2. The can isn't running well... The engine is shaking on startups, when warm it shakes less but when I press the throttle a bit it shakes again, Lake of power, HIGH fuel consumption. A few days ago I took the car to diagnose, All the sensors are working properly, the "Advance" parameter wasn't steady, he told me that I may have a problem in the ignition system, or not enough fuel is getting to the cylinder, or not all the fuel is burnt in the cylinder... Something isn't ok with the air/fuel mixture.
Just for you to know, I checked to original coils less than a year ago, fuel regulator original as well less than a year, checked the fuel injectors and the car works the same... Any ideas? where do I start to fix it?

The car is well maintained!!! No engine problems/ overheating, I still put even OEM oil and air filter. Today disconnected all the sensors, ecu, engine management relay(behind the ecu box) and cleaned everything with a circuit cleaner just to make sure it's not something with the electricity.

Thank you for the help :-D