Suspected timing chain failure

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Suspected timing chain failure

Post by LittleOldSuzi »

I have a 2014 Relay van equipped with the Ford 2.2 diesel engine (130HP) that I think the timing chain tensioner may have failed on.

At cold it revs up fine a idles in neutral normally. When you drive it sounds like something is loose in the top end, the noise is worse the harder you accelerate and so I baby it for 5 minutes while the engine warms up. When it has warmed up it drives fine until you hit 3k on the revs and then like clockwork the noise reappears and prompts an swift gear change to drop the revs back down.

I have heard that these engines need timing chain upgrades/mods but does this sound like a chain flapping about?

I thought it might be oil pressure/quality but 2 oil changes later (flushed and new filter both times) the problem is no different.

Thanks all.
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Re: Suspected timing chain failure

Post by Peter.N. »

Sounds like the chain. I had a continual clattering noise on my Merc, after removing the top I found the chain was fine, turned out to be the water pump, unlikely with yours if it goes off when warm.

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Re: Suspected timing chain failure

Post by Bick »

If it was the timing chain it would happen all the time, well that is the norm, the noize just gets louder the higher the RPM. It may quieten down when hot but not by much. It would be very unusual for a cam chain to do what yours is doing, maybe a second opinion would help.