My Peugeot 205 Jr Diesel

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My Peugeot 205 Jr Diesel

Post by reb »

I've been lurking around for a while, I thought today would be a good day to show off my "205 Jr D".
As you can see, it's not quite standard, nor is it quite finished. Where I can I'm keeping things fairly OEM, so you could almost imagine it leaving a Peugeot factory, some things obviously this won't be possible though.
For anyone interested in details:
The engine came from a 307, it's an HDi 90 with Siemens injection. In retrospect this was a terrible choice of donor.
Mounts are from a 306 HDI, I wouldn't have had to buy these if I'd just used a 306 as a donor to begin with.
The gearbox is the standard 205 item, peak power and torque are in roughly the same place just somewhat bigger, so it will just drive like it did before but in fast forward! (I know that's not quite how it works but let me dream)
The suspension will be the 1.9 GTi arrangement, but I'm undecided on specific components so far.
The brakes will be 307 discs on the front and either standard drums or GTi discs on the rear. I like having a working handbrake so am erring towards drums.
The wheels in the short term will be the 307 wheels with lower profile tyres and spacers, longer term I want to find something understated but still says "this might be quick".

I've been sporadically filming and taking photos, so I'll be compiling them into a much better record of the project at some point. This will likely be after it's finished as I don't have much free time so I'd rather be getting on with it than editing blogs and videos!
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Re: My Peugeot 205 Jr Diesel

Post by ekjdm14 »

Nice, although the handbrake remark... In my experience drums are just as much a pain as discs! If you're going to be using the car regularly and driving hard then I'd think again about discs, regular use will keep the handbrake in line.