Lifting up Citroen Xsara

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Lifting up Citroen Xsara

Post by 40075trip »

Hi guys!!! I got Citroen Xsara 1.8 liter engine manual Xu7jp4 engine, year of 1998.
I love my car so much that we are going on travels together, countryside, gravel, snow in the winter, etc...
I would like to lift up the car a little bit, something like 5 cm, but I don't want handling to be very bad.
Basically lifting up the front is pretty easy, new longer spring with matched shocks and that's it.
The rear sus is the issue. what do you think guys which set up is the best?
Has anyone done it and knows about the handling is affected?

Thank you 😊 🙏🏽
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Re: Lifting up Citroen Xsara

Post by dave_xsara »

If you haven't refreshed the rear bearings, now might be an ideal time to do it. You could get a refurbished rear axle and request the person doing the work to set it up for an increased ride height or you could follow the following guide: ... ow-I-do-it
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Re: Lifting up Citroen Xsara

Post by Paul-R »

I fitted a set of rear spring assisters (extra small springs) on our Xsara Estate. It perked up the back end and increased the load carrying capacity.

I fitted a similar kit to our new 308 as well.