Proud owner of a C5 with Depollution System Faulty error

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Proud owner of a C5 with Depollution System Faulty error

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Hi there,

I recently became the proud owner of a Citroen car! A C5 2.0l petrol engine from 2006 station wagon with 161k km on the road. Well, I already spent numerous hours on the internet troubleshooting the car and stumbled across this forum.

Bought the car roughly three weeks ago, took it for technical control. No remarks at all, before I had to swap a cable for one of the back lights. No error codes, emission values good, no rust and no leakage to be found.

Happy with my purchase I was rolling like a king, the suspension is just fantastic. After a short run to the local pizzeria the engine light turned on. I got the error codes with a reader and Torque Lite.
  • [P0597 - Something related to thermostat, the previous owner just replaced the thermostat and cooler. Seems to be a left over, stated as pending. Was not present at the technical control]

    [P0354, P0352, P0351, P0353 - Related to ignition coil if I'm not mistaken, I swapped the spark plugs since they were 8 years old or so. They were not tightened properly and had a little rust. The car went better after that and I thought I was good to go roll down the streets. Took it out for some aggressive acceleration, no missfires.]
The car ran fine for a week, yesterday the engine light came back on. This time I tried to give some aggressive acceleration again when the car had been driven around for half an hour. Just to put a nail in the coffin so to speak. Well was I disappointed, the engine light went back on less than a minute after being up at 5k+ rpm. Went away after a couple of restarts. My girlfriend thought she could smell something a little burnt, my nose is not that fine tuned :D

This time the same error codes except only on three coils.

I have popped the hood and look around, cables seems fine, earth points I haven't seen anything strange. Only seen one cable cover slightly squished but that is it. Only once has it been hard to start otherwise it runs smooth with the same feeling even with the light on.

I used to have a Peugeot 307 2.0l petrol and to my understanding that is more or less the same engine, that one had more of a kick when pushing the gas pedal.

So I've been reading around a lot but how do I troubleshoot this the best?

My ideas are to add some fluid to the petrol that cleans the system, look at electronic contacts and clean them and eventually change the ignition coil pack.

Any other ideas? Or pointing fingers? Or suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

I hope that someone can help, the comfort is just amazing!