Mk1 C5 Front Strut

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Mk1 C5 Front Strut

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Good Evening

Apologies if this double posts - I tried posting earlier but can't find the thread.
My 2003 C5 failed MOT due to corrosion on front O/S strut mounting.
The dealer quoted £259 for mounting and seals with no guarantee that he could get it (showing out of stock but said he could try).
A local breaker has a complete strut which looks OK (dry and no visible corrosion!) but I am unsure of the procedure for removing the old one.
Back in the day, I had a BX and vaguely remember a de-pressurising procedure - is there something similar for the C5.
An idiots guide or step by step for the removal would be very much appreciated if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance.