C5 X7 rear drops and recovers suddenly

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C5 X7 rear drops and recovers suddenly

Post by giochel »

My problem is most similar to the one here: http://c6owners.org/plugins/forum/forum ... hp?2638.30

It is clear the rear suspension does not work correctly any more:
1. generally lags by minutes, rising the front will take under a minute, the back may take three times as long
2. it may not move at all for minutes, then suddenly go to the correct height with a noise like a whiff
3. sometimes, while driving, it drops slowly (possibly to the lowest position which is undriveable: the only compliance comes from tyres, makes awful noises) and a „suspension faulty” message may appear; if this message appears I have to lock the car and leave it a couple of minutes (maximum was 10), and it will recover with the „whiff” sound.

1. Can it get stuck and never rise again? I'd continue to drive the car long distance for about a week until I get to fix it, hoping that if it drops I can just stop 10 minutes to wait for it to go back.
2. Is there basic maintenance I can do to mend it? On the other forum, one of the cars dropped suddenly, which sounds very unsafe at any higher speed.
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Re: C5 X7 rear drops and recovers suddenly

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It's most likely your rear hydraulic block that has a problem, necessitating a replacement - unless you can follow the DIY repair suggested on the C6 Owners Forum.