Strange alarm type sound.

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Strange alarm type sound.

Post by Rhothgar »

I went to start the Xantia S1 today and there is an alarm going off under the bonnet. It seems to be coming from near the windscreen on the right hand side.

I have a sound file if one of the admins could upload it for me please? It’s .m4a format.
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Re: Strange alarm type sound.

Post by xantia_v6 »

Unfortunately we are not set up to handle audio files, the best you can do is upload it somewhere else and then give a link to it.

Your car probably has an alarm, being a 1995 car, there should be a key operated switch under the bonnet mounted near the left hand end of the scuttle panel (this switch does not exist on 1996 or newer cars). If present, the switch should disable the alarm siren.

I can't really tell why your alarm has gone off. Do you use the remote plip to lock and unlock the car?
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Re: Strange alarm type sound.

Post by Paul-R »

How big is this audio file? You could wrap it up inside a ZIP file to upload providing it's not too large. Unfortunately I don't know what the forum size limit is.