Citroen C2 cam belt has gone

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Citroen C2 cam belt has gone

Post by tomjyoutwit »

Good afternoon all.

I’ve been meaning to get my cam belt done for a while, but was putting it off due to cost!

The cam belt has now gone and I’ve had the car towed home. I’m wondering if it’s a job that can be done at home in the garage? Especially if I buy a new cylinder head.

Whilst I’m at it I need to do the rear passenger spring as it’s corroded and I’ve got a small gearbox leak, so a new seal is needed there!

It’s a 1124cc model which I believe is better than having the cam go on a 16v model!

What do you guys suggest?
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Re: Citroen C2 cam belt has gone

Post by wheeler »

It really depends on your abilities, as far as cylinder head removal & refitting goes TU engines are probably one of the easiest ones you will do.