C4 Starter Motor Wiring

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C4 Starter Motor Wiring

Post by davetaylor »

Hi, Hope someone can assist:- Starter Motor failed on our C4 Picasso Diesel and was replace with a new unit. Few weeks later the same fault occurred and we have been advised that there is a wiring fault that is causing the Starter to run continuously !!
Has anyone ever experienced a fault like this on a 2010 C4 Picasso Diesel ? If so is there an easy fix or does anyone know of a good Auto Electrician in the Guildford area who could assist.
Many thanks in advance
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Re: C4 Starter Motor Wiring

Post by wheeler »

First of was it a euro car parts RTX brand starter? Its not unknown for these to fail within days.
The only things likely to cause this is a faulty ignition switch or a sticking relay (which is an integral part of the under bonnet fusebox).