Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

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Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

Post by LoveHate5008 »

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Re: Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

Post by bobins »

If you accidentally drove off the road near the top, you'd be falling for days :lol:
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Re: Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

Post by Timmo »

ari Vaatanen (sp??), one handed shielding the sun! Amazing driver!!
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Re: Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

Post by Paul-R »

Ari Vatanen (one too many 'A's), a fantastic driver. I remember Peter Ashcroft (I think) saying that if Ari didn't roll a car at least once a year then he wasn't driving fast enough! Ari was brought across from Finland and put into the British National championship to learn his craft. He lived in the UK (in order to be eligible for the National) and learned English as he went along.

It was a fantastic time for rallying. Probably the best there's ever been.
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Re: Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

Post by Peter.N. »

I think the best car Peugeot made was the 406 then they went rapidly down hill (much like that chap). I have had four 406 Hdi estates and even at 200.000 miles+ and 18 years old everything still works, including the little wheel that raises and lowers the headlamps. They just don't seem to go wrong and not many go rusty.

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Re: Back When Peugeot Had A Reputation!

Post by Gibbo2286 »

I've got a motor trade pal whose 406 Estate is well past the 300k miles mark and still running fine.

He bought a VW Taureg for Sunday best but still uses the 406 as a daily runabout.

I find that after a couple of minutes watching that rally driving gets pretty boring. 8-)
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