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Post by Gibbo2286 » ... removals/

Ps. Just popped up in the advert but note the date.
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Re: Gotcha!

Post by myglaren »

Well spotted.
Gives a lot of weight to the forum policy of not recommending DPF and EGR removals or blanking.
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Re: Gotcha!

Post by GiveMeABreak »

That's a bit old now (Sept. 2017) but still relevant. There are still other garages offering the services, but they cannot undertake MOTs and must have a legal warning to consumers - but I still think they should be banned outright for offering it as we all know what they are trying to do. It's the poor sods that end up with a crippled vehicle on the second hand market that end up having bought a lemon I feel sorry for and blame these types of Mickey Mouse outfits.
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Re: Gotcha!

Post by van ordinaire »

I can remember someone advocating removing the EGR to cure a problem i was having, said they do it on C15's as a matter of course;not sure he wasn't in Sheffield.

As for "Mickey Mouse" just about every independent LandRover specialist sold EGR blanking kits (but it'snot a world I'm still up-to-date on). Then again PSA don't own Jaguar-LandRover -yet! (not that we've embraced Vx/Opel - yet)