Mechanical Issue Citroen Dispatch Catering conversion

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Mechanical Issue Citroen Dispatch Catering conversion

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New to the forum, so hopefully I can ask this question here?

I have recently purchased a 15 plate Citroen Dispatch at auction that I am going to convert to a catering trailer, I have done about 1400miles in it and when I brought it, the engine management light was on and it felt as if the turbo had gone, with a max speed of about 70 and very slow acceleration. 400 miles later, then all of a sudden, light off and the vehicle is zooming around like nothing wrong, then 400 miles later, back to where it was.

Any ideas of what this could be and why it is intermittent?
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Re: Mechanical Issue Citroen Dispatch Catering conversion

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It sounds like the Engine ECU has gone into a backup mode, which will result in reduced power until the issue is resolved.

Likely to be Air, Fuel or Emissions related, so you need to get it diagnosed and report the fault codes. Without these, it will be impossible to diagnose here. One thing tht will continue is that until the problem is fixed it may go from intermittent to permanent. There are certain conditions that cause the Engine ECU to return to normal operating conditions - until the problem resurfaces and then the same will happen again.
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Re: Mechanical Issue Citroen Dispatch Catering conversion

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Hello, and :welc: to the Forum. Feel free to ask any questions; the main reason this forum exists is to help those with questions about French cars.

There are Forum members who have Lexia clone equipment and are willing to help out other Forum members. Some have 'gone quiet' so may not respond to requests for help. Others, however, will respond. Here is the list;