Xantia front suspension cylinder

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Xantia front suspension cylinder

Post by noxati11 »

Hi, my Xantia V6 is sitting in my garage for some work to do and with this oportunity, I tried front suspension cylinders. Unfortunately, the left with sc.car holder is probably bad. If I plug holes with my fingers on the rod of the cylinder and pump it up and down, pressure can be heard how is leaking through return hole. The right cylinder does not do this.

So my question is, any possibility maybe in some hydraulic company which may reseal it internally? I saw some pictures of sc.car ram which was repaired and upper end made to thread.

Or buy new HDi cylinders and weld the sc.car holder to a new one? But probably the heat would kill it...


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Re: Xantia front suspension cylinder

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There is a company called Kingas who repair the strut tops. It might be worth asking them if they do the cylinders as well;


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Re: Xantia front suspension cylinder

Post by xantia_v6 »

How exactly did you pressurise the ram? In what position was the ram? Was it a wet or dry test?

It is unusual for a Xantia strut to leak, even at very high mileage.

If I recall correctly, V6 struts are not the same as HDI struts.