Citroen Dispatch running problem

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Citroen Dispatch running problem

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Hi, I have a 2005 Citroen Dispatch 1.9d which has been a generally low cost work van for a few years. It's never been particularly quick which isn't a problem but recently I noticed that at about 30 to 40mph, when under low load and just maintaining speed, it sort of loses power and stutters a bit. Sometimes when I gradually apply throttle it then surges a little. I've changed the air and fuel filter, tried using a spray EGR cleaner (Wynn's) and today physically took the EGR housing off. It all looked a little coked and I've cleaned it as best as possible but still the problem remains. I did notice that the inlet manifold entrance had quite a bit of sludge at the opening and I scooped out what I could get to. The van starts well and accelerates smoothly, it's just the irritating jerking at city driving speeds. it also only does it once the engine is warm. I would be grateful for any ideas???