We buy any.................

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We buy any.................

Post by Gibbo2286 »

I had a pop up with that bloke off 'this morning' for We Buy any Car. so I put my reg in just for curiosity, they offered £500, I ignored it then got an email saying there was an update, now £545, ignored again for a couple of weeks, another email new price £585, then today another email, I haven't bothered to read it.

Seems like the C5 Estate value is appreciating rapidly. :-D
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Re: We buy any.................

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Once you actually present the car to them, that headline offer will disappear rapidly. They must at least aim to make a bit of profit on buying the car from you and "getting rid of it" which I presume is through auction or in the banger basement market weighing it in at a scrappy.

Thats how I got my micra. They offered the owner £500 initially before sight of the car....but how are they going to make money on a 14 year old micra with dodgy paintwork paying that price...........they aren't so they dont. I fortunately got offered the car by the owner, after his exploring of We buy any car, and the dealer he bought it off 12 years ago, for £100.

regards Neil
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Re: We buy any.................

Post by GiveMeABreak »

They are a rip off company and purposefully give you way below market and private sale values.

Their only USP is in saving you the hassle of advertising and dealing with tyre kickers, as long as you are prepared to take anything from 20 to 35% off its real value.

But hey, it’s a free market!
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Re: We buy any.................

Post by Peter.N. »

I would rather have the hassle :shock: