Ds3 radio

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Ds3 radio

Post by Kris247 »

Currently i have a 2013 ds3 and im looking to change the radio from a bog standard cd player one to a much nicer touchscreen,dab , blutooth one and what im wondering is what do i need to look out for when reserching what one id like so i know that it will be compatable with my car .i still want to be able to use the steering wheel functions aswell.Any advice would be great thanks

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Re: Ds3 radio

Post by Paul-R »

If it's at all practical we would need to know what radio is currently fitted. If you post your VIN (the forum software will mask it) one of the staff can check.

It may not be possible to fit anything else as modern radios do so much more than just play CDs and Smooth radio!