Noisy C5 X7 2.2 HDi Engine - solved!

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Noisy C5 X7 2.2 HDi Engine - solved!

Post by dawningtons »

Over a period of time the engine on my C5 X7 Tourer had been getting noisy, most noticeably on idle or at low speed. I had been worrying that we had a big end or crankshaft pulley issue. Looking under the bonnet when it was running I noticed that the auxilliary belt was flapping about between the alternator and AC pulleys. It turns out that the alternator clutch pulley had become fixed, so that it was solid in both directions, whereas it should freewheel in one direction. £32 on the replacement pulley (INA), which is available online) and a alternator pulley removal tool, (Sealey) and the job is done. Nice quiet engine again!

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Re: Noisy C5 X7 2.2 HDi Engine - solved!

Post by broomie »

Great tip - many thanks! I have C5 2.00 160 bhp tourer

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Re: Noisy C5 X7 2.2 HDi Engine - solved!

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I found that when I had the full timing belt service done recently which included the water pump and all pulleys - that also cured the slight rattling I had. That and a new AC compressor - so it was also a bit less noise on that pulley.