C15 Body Shape

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C15 Body Shape

Post by Genial2018 »

Hi Guys, firstly thank you for your help so far it's really appreciated! OK, I have a 2004 1.9 C15 and have the chance of a 1996 C15 for spares will I be able to use any of it if I take it!?

Regards........ Steve

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Re: C15 Body Shape

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It depends on the component you are referring to and the engine type as the were the XUD7 and DW8B Diesel engines fitted. I suspect body parts will be less of an issue, only the mechanical and electronic parts that may have differences - certainly build numbers will play an important part - but we can check most parts against the VINs or each vehicle at the time you need them - should you decide to purchase it.

There is little in-depth material available on official sources, given the age of the vehicle now.

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Re: C15 Body Shape

Post by van ordinaire »

There were 2 major changes: Visa f. indicators & bumper + single rear door - long before '96 e& the DW8 engine Marc's mentioned, somewhere around 2000 when it lost the 2 2CV fuse boxes under the bonnet, in favour of the one you have.

The main differences which don't seem to be age related are Lucas or Bosch fuel pumps and, I think, 3 different suppliers of front brakes.

If I had the space I wouldn't hesitate, all the important C15 parts: doors, bonnet, heater, seats, window winders & wheels are the same.