C5 ECU replacement

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C5 ECU replacement

Post by ANNTO »

I was visiting family and was 200 miles from home when my C5 Auto wouldn't start. RAC garage diagnosed failed ECU and said that it would not be financially worthwhile to replace the unit (car is 54 reg). I had the car Relayed home by the RAC and I am reluctant to scrap it - any advice please or should I just send it to the breakers yard?

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Re: C5 ECU replacement

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It is impossible for us to diagnose your fault without a proper diagnostic being run.

What evidence did the RAC man base his assumption on? If he diagnosed it, what were the reported fault codes? There are several possibilities that may not mean a replacement ECU - and which of the 15-20 ECUs was he referring to? The BSI, the Engine ECU, the ABS / ESP ECU - you get the picture.

It may be as simple as a fuse, or the engine fuse box... so as you can see without any fault codes (ideally diagnoses with a Lexia), it will be mere guesswork. It would be a shame to send what may be a perfectly good car to the scrappers for the sake of a diagnostic.