Mk1 C5 large dash LCD display

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Mk1 C5 large dash LCD display

Post by aramsay »

The large dash-top LCD display on my Mk1 C5 2.2HDi has gone on the blink......

I see a few of them for sale on the net, from around £50 upwards, however, without any
mention that they have been checked or refurbished.

At that price, I'd hope that someone has looked into getting a repair done.......anyone ?

Just to be sure.....this is the larger colour screen....about 12 x 8cm.....not the more common
thin one.
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Re: Mk1 C5 large dash LCD display

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You can’t just fit any old screen, there are significant differences between the MKI and MK II systems.

The original MK I had a VDO system, whilst the later MK II had the RT3 system with these colour screens and they are materially and connectively different.

Further, they can be VAN or CAN depending on the electronic architecture of your car.

If you pop your VIN up I’ll see what you need.