C4 Picasso vtr led h7

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C4 Picasso vtr led h7

Post by jammie123321 »

Has anybody upgraded the headlight bulbs to leds on there c4 Picasso 2014 model.

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Re: C4 Picasso vtr led h7

Post by Paul-R »

In general LED upgrades of standard halogen bulbs will not pass MOT standards. The best you can hope for, legally, is to fit uprated halogen bulbs. Philips and Osram offer generally well regarded bulbs in the +110%, +120% and +130% range but they do have significantly shorter lives than standard ones.

There was a discussion here about Philips Ultinon Xtreme LED replacement bulbs, which is probably what your question is getting at. Other LED bulbs can actually be worse with poorer light output and no hotspot just below the cut-off but these appear to be the real deal. Better and whiter without tipping over into blue. The catch? They're not legal.

It does seem strange that Philips would go to the trouble of creating a new LED for these bulbs for them to just be usable off-road and one wonders whether they had some information that they would be type approved and then this was withdrawn. Having said all that I've also read that people have fitted them (where they will physically go in - not all cars will take them) without problems such as being flashed by oncoming drivers and even passing MOTs.