Xantia external temp sensor

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Xantia external temp sensor

Post by Sam Skelton »

Hi all,

I want to replace the dead external temp sensor on my S1 Activa. I have the part ready to do. Can anyone please guide me as to what I need to do - where it is, and what needs to come apart to do the job? I have the part already.



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Re: Xantia external temp sensor

Post by aerodynamica »

Hi Sam, I replaced this in my S1 Xantia VSX. the sensor is in the driver side mirror and has two thin wires that route - awkwardly- to the multi connector fixed to the inside of the door under the trims. (Other connections for the electric mirrors) You have to remove the arm rest, door inner panel, the upper plastic cover (inside from the mirror). The wires route half invisibly from the door mirror into the door and you have to remove one of the sealing sheets from the larger hole in the door. You will have to remove the mirror itself - TX head screw driver needed.

you could use a string tied to the old wires to pull through the door and then tie to the new wires to pull them through. I didn't think of that until afterwards..

I recall there being some oddness with the connection to the wires - mine were two bare wires with no plugs. I think I soldered them but actually can't recall.

The only trying part that I recall is the trick of getting the door lock button/pull-up tab to relocate properly on its metal rod at the end!

Good luck with it!

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Re: Xantia external temp sensor

Post by xantia_v6 »

It is about 10 years since I did one on a Xantia, but I think that there may be an easier way. I think that you can get to the sensor without dismantling the door, and splice the wires close to it (I may however be confusing it with the XM).