Which C4GP gearbox ?

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Which C4GP gearbox ?

Post by bobins »

I've got to source a 6-7 seater with an auto-box for work. The easiest option seems to be a C4GP, though I'm open to other suggestions. Budget is up to about £10k. They appear to come with EGS, ETGS6, and EAT6 gearboxes. I'm not going to touch an EGS gearbox with a bargepole...... unless someone can tell me that post year 201x ones were actually ok. So that leaves me with the ETGS6 and EAT6 'boxes. Any preferences as to which is better or worse ? Any other thoughts about late-model C4GPs ?

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Re: Which C4GP gearbox ?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The only true Auto out of that lot is the EAT6 Robin, and later the EAT8 in some new vehicles. But may be a bit too early to pick up faults with the later semi autos at this time.

I still think it’s a personal choice though and you’ll still have clutch DMF and the additional actuator system to deal with as opposed to a pure Auto EAT6