Citroen relay, gearbox, selection problems

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Citroen relay, gearbox, selection problems

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Ever since I purchased my Citroen relay van ( 4 years ago ) 2012 plate it had a noisy gearbox which was getting progressively worse over time, so I decided to get a recon gearbox which I had fitted about 6 weeks ago, at first I thought this was great no more noisy gearbox but when coming back down the gears it would nearly always crunch into 2nd gear ( going up through gears not a problem)
My mechanic spoke to the guy who supplied the gearbox and were in agreement that something was not quite right with the gearbox, they have now sent another one down and was fitted yesterday and now this crunches in first gear and a bit in second. Could anyone help me out as to the cause of this. Could it be both boxes faulty? Linkage? I’m fast running out of money to solve this issue and don’t want to keep spending on different solutions when I don’t need to, 3rd, fourth, fifth and 6th gears are absolutely fine, clutch was new when I purchased van about 4ooo miles ago.
Can anyone please help me with a possible solution
Thanks in advance

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Re: Citroen relay, gearbox, selection problems

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Hi, and :welc: to the forum. While I am not going to be able to help you, if you were to post up the VIN Moderators with the right access can then look it up and find out what it had when it left the factory. That way they can help you with more accurate information. For security reasons the VIN will be automatically obscured (although the Moderators can still read it).