Self driving cars are racist.

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Self driving cars are racist.

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Re: Self driving cars are racist.

Post by bobins »

Cue: An awful lot of head scratching at the PR companies as they try to step around the minefield raised by this challenging issue. (if, indeed, it's an accurate story !!)

It does raise a very interesting issue though. In years to come when we are all being driven around by autonomous vehicles, what if the statistics show that one demographic is more susceptible to being hit by cars than another. How would they prove (or disprove) the recognition software has inbuilt bias or is not fit for use as some demographics are more protected than others ?

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Re: Self driving cars are racist.

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Skin, what skin? Were these people not wearing anything? If any of it were true it would prove that certain Arabic women were most likely to be hit AND that lighter skinned people were more likely to be hit in winter (when swathed from head to toe in dark colours) than the summer (when dressed for the beach).

Any driver (at least in London) would have to admit they are more likely to hit/narrowly avoid a black youth dressed in black, riding an unlit bike on the wrong side of the road than any other road user but it does not mean they are prejudiced.