The best Coincidental psa convoy you've been in?

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The best Coincidental psa convoy you've been in?

Post by Timmo »

Taking the littlun to swimming lessons last eve, rolled out the drive, car that appeared behind was a slightly pimped DS3, in black, end of the road roundabouts and junctions, ds still behind and a C1 infront, also in black!
Was pleasantly happy to have a 3 car almost in model order convoy the same colour! C1, C2 & DS3!
Sadly the C1 pulled into a side road, 1/2 mile later rolled up behind the next car, 207! Psa convoy restored! :)

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Re: The best Coincidental psa convoy you've been in?

Post by NewcastleFalcon » qualify for a PSA convoy. the scope goes beyond Citroen, Peugeot, and DS these days.

There is also Vauxhall/Opel of course (but maybe only from 17 Reg onwards?). Bikes and Scooters from Peugeot and...

.... possibly this rarity in the UK, but as you can see from the mission statement PSA are going to be the "preferred worldwide mobility service provider" so free-to-move is going to be commonplace everywhere if you believe corporate mission statements.

"Free-to-Move" PSA's Mobility brand
"Free2Move embodies Groupe PSA's ambition: becoming the preferred worldwide mobility service provider by 2030. It is meant to provide the most convenient mobility services, anywhere, anytime, for both end customers and corporate customers."

"New trends such as urbanization and digitalization have an impact on the economy and our everyday lives. In order to meet the mobility needs brought to life by these changes, Free2Move adresses B2C and B2B customers alike." (wow! wonder if I am a B2C or a B2B)

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