Increasing power.

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Increasing power.

Post by renagade »

Hi Guy's
Last year I asked the question "could I give my 1.6 e-hdi egs6 some more power " but was advised against doing it as the gear box would not be able to stand it , yet looking around at 2ltr hdi with the egs6 box there is a difference of 1.6 =110bhp and the 2ltr = 138 bhp.
So the question is I only want to increase it by a small amount and the car will have a new clutch and dmf fitted so what is going to give up the ghost first?????
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Re: Increasing power.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Don't forget in all this different engines have different rated clutches and flywheels, so may be rated different to handle the differing power outputs and damping needs. Your DW6C engine has a completely different clutch and flywheel to the DW10BTED4 2.0 138 for example. Other engines differ too.

The real issue is the increased harmonic torsional vibration that comes with increased power - and the job of the DMF is to dampen the stress passed onto the transmission components. So it is important to have the appropriate damping for the engine size to handle the related power being output.

This video helps give a visual of torsional vibration:

So if you are going to increase the power output you will inevitably increase the torsion - so this may lead to earlier failure of the DMF / clutch / transmission. It's a personal choice of course, but I decided against it when considering this many years ago.