How's yours doing?

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How's yours doing?

Post by Sloppysod »

I have put this here as it is not marque/model dependent.
When adding you photos can you put make and model in the text. Theory is if some one does a search they find it.
Anyway, I was impressed with this, and still ¼ of a tank to go! At least 450.mile just above 70 mph!
Citroen C5, 2.0 auto.
Citroen C5, 2.0 auto.

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Re: How's yours doing?

Post by CitroJim »

For me, not doing anything at all... I have not driven more than a few yards in 2019...

No plans to change that either...

Being free of a car is true freedom to a degree I never fully appreciated until it happened...

The few yards I drove was a quick warm-up of my younger daughter's Pixo to keep it in running order for the rare occasions she wants to use it...

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Re: How's yours doing?

Post by EDC5 »


Here's mine, not bad considering it's a heavy automatic which spends a lot of time doing very short journeys unfortunately.