Hi all lam Paul from the LImousin

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Hi all lam Paul from the LImousin


Hello to you all l own an Xantia 1996 TD diesel Estate. l joined a couple of days ago.
Have enjoyed using this forum a lot in the past and l love the humour.
l am a musician and l started a rock band here in the remote part of France 11 years ago.
Bought a grand piano 4 years ago and decided to learn classical music bl...y hard but am
getting there. Married a French lady, have a dog, sheep and wild cats,Also a love of old cars. My grandfather was an inventor
and built motorbikes the mark was Wooler. So l had a mechanical upbringing as he lived across the road.
l will clearly use this forum a lot as l intend to keep my Xantia as long as possible. My other trade in England
was doing bodywork and restoring old cars.
Paul :

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Re: Hi all lam Paul from the LImousin

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Hi Paul, and welcome. A good mix of skills there - so look forward to your future posts.