Picasso P0403 fault code

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Picasso P0403 fault code

Post by bbb »

Hi all,
After a bit of advice on a P0403 fault code egr circuit fault.
The car is a 2001 xsara picasso with 6FZ 1.816v petrol engine. MIL came on and the car has logged faults from both lambda sensors and the egr fault. The egr is an electrically operated unit with a 5 pin plug and no vacuum lines.

Is there a way to test the pins in both the plug and egr to check for continuity? Or another way to ascertain the egr is faulty before replacement?

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Re: Picasso P0403 fault code

Post by bigtone0777 »

I had a problem with mine on my 1.6 diesel and it turned out to be bad wiring about 2 inches up the harness from the plug. Definitely worth checking for chaffs or breaks as P0403 is a short or open circuit code so unlikely to be the ERG itself
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Re: Picasso P0403 fault code

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dont forget the earths......how did you get on as the lad has one of these, same year and engine.....