Tuning a DW8 engine

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Tuning a DW8 engine

Post by Dommo »

Hi all

Before you ridicule me for even suggesting the idea of tuning a non turbo engine, please hear me out on this one...

A friend of mine works for an exhaust company, and they work with DPF's and are looking at ways to clean them out once clogged. So he's turned to me to ask whether you can increase fuelling on an engine such as the DW8 to the point where it would smoke when you're at full throttle. Their grand plan is to use the car as a consistent DPF blocker, so they can work out ways to clean them out again. Clearly an older car would block a DPF in fairly quick time seeing as it doesn't even know that it has one, so while it may seem like a strange idea, it should work for what they need.

Anyway the question is, are late 90's early 00's 206's with the 1.9D DW8's Lucas pump powered? If so are they 'tunable' in the same way the XUD Lucas pumps were, is the adjustment behind that black cap?

Thanks very much, any thoughts appreciated as long as it's not to tell me my mate is an idiot. Dom.
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Re: Tuning a DW8 engine

Post by 1080 »

Wouldn't restricting the airflow have the same effect?