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Post by Richard_C »

Our first Citroen, 1979. In fact our first 'new' car - don't really buy new but my wife worked for water board as it was then and they gave car loans, she did a lot of miles for the job.

Rooting though some old papers came across a few things, the handwritten receipt for £70 for 4201 KW, our first ever car, Cortina Super MK 1 leaky special which I sold on for parts after 4 weeks. Water in passenger floor came from behind glovebox, mainly because the scuttle behind the wheel arch had fist sized rust holes in it - pretty sure the supplied MOT certificate was forged.

Anyway, back to Citroen - our Dyane, 1979, £2183.68 including £4.78 worth of petrol - probably a full tank at about 90 pence a gallon back then.

I looked up the Bank of England Inflation calculator and that figure is about £9,450 today. You can buy anew car for less than that. I don't think the Dyane was the cheapest car in 1979 so the cost of a bit-above-basic new car today is probably about the same as it was then. You get more now - airbags, abs, radio, all sorts.

Here's the receipt:

Anyone else got interesting paperwork from the dim and distant past?
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Re: Receipts

Post by myglaren »

Not much, I do have the receipt from the Spectrum 48 from around 1982 somewhere.
Generally bin them when the warranty period is up. Or well before if they are going to break :(

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Re: Receipts

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Not mine Richard piut I did put this up on POTD which I photographed on a visit to Tanfield Railway.
Nice to see a bit of history on a the original sales invoice from 1962 for the Ford Consul Classic seen on Sunday at the Tanfield Railway. D Graham esq. got PVC Upholstery and a heater in his new car, and £200 off for his trade-in! Click on the photo it gets mor readable!
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nf own work

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Re: Receipts

Post by JohnD »

We bought a new Ford Mk1 1200cc Cortina Estate in 1964. Cost £700. By 1969 it needed welding on the rear box section chassis rails.