Question Regarding Fob Keys

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Question Regarding Fob Keys

Post by JerseyChr1s »

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a new Citroën™ C3 Puretech Flair. The dealership had managed to lose the spare key but promised to order one ASAP. TWO months later they finally called me in to get the key coded, once done they handed me a poxy plastic looking “manual” key! I expected another fob tbh bearing in mind it’s a new car. So my question is, what spare key is supplied as standard with this model?

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Re: Question Regarding Fob Keys

Post by GiveMeABreak »

What is your VIN Chris?

There are 2 types of locking system - using different frequencies - one system has 2 fobs and the other has 1 fob and one of the simpler keys with no buttons. The VIN will help me determine which you have.