Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi

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Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi

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Hi I have a Peugeot Partner and done an engine change from a Citroen Berlingo and it won’t start I’ve changed ECU and key ring so all matching the only thing I changed was the fuel filter I have tried priming the fuel but not getting any fuel from cracked injectors I’m stuck as been trying this for 2 months with no results could it be the immobiliser I really can’t figure this out thanks any help appreciated
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Re: Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi

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If you've changed the ECU but not the BSI, then no, it won't start as the codes need to match. To really see what is going on, you need some diagnostics, probably from Diagbox. However, the Cit engine should run with the Pug ECU as long as it is the same engine (e.g. same injection maker) was not damaged - just try refitting it, and see if it will start? If not, then you will need to get a matched set of ECU, BSI and keys from a breaker, or you will need to get the BSI 'virginised' to wipe it, and re-code it (although not sure how that fits with the ECU....)