Bought C5 mk2 2.0 HDI what to check?

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Bought C5 mk2 2.0 HDI what to check?

Post by Frodoisdead »

Hi, i bought C5 2.0HDI with full service history. However despite my very careful deiving it seem to consume a bit more than it should. It has 113k miles on the clock and oil seem to need changing. What can i check, replace as i have a little budget just to make it right for mpg again. It seems a nice car and very comfortable and i want it to last.
Cambelt just been replaced before i got it. I was thinking of buying Archoil AR-6400-D MAX all-in-one additive to clean entire diesel system but then will that affect eolys? Also how do i check if it needs replacing/topping up? What else should be checked in general? Many thanks
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Re: Bought C5 mk2 2.0 HDI what to check?

Post by Huskyxantia »

Not a c5 , I've a xantia after a major service which included engine flush which took half a day as it was like bisto.... I then renewed thermostat , water pump belt pulleys new oil all filters timing belt .... Resulting in a slight gain in mph... Oh and new glow plugs good quality too.
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Re: Bought C5 mk2 2.0 HDI what to check?

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hello, and :welc: to the Forum. There is plenty of help here for the asking.

When I get a car with an unknown service history I will do a normal service but, before I change the oil, I will put a sludge cleaner through her first. I don't know that this will help, but if it can get any sludge out the engine should be better for it. Changing all the engine filters (oil, fuel and air) should also help (the pollen filter is really just for your benefits, but not really needed for the car).
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Re: Bought C5 mk2 2.0 HDI what to check?

Post by admiral51 »

Hi Frodoisdead and welcome to the forum.
Any second hand car purchase is a potential money pit, (as is a brand new car) with or without history.
I assume you are asking about the Eolys in terms of topping it up and level, i may be wrong but think the only way to tell what is left in the tank is to put it on a Diagnostic machine which will give you the correct level, i also think you need a Daig machine to update the level when you have added to it but could be wrong again .
Not sure on the MK1 and MK2 C5 but in terms of MPG it really depends on what you were expecting to get, i can drive any of our cars and get more MPG than anyone else in the house, not by much 2-3 mpg but tell us what your mpg is and i reckon it will not be too far out from what others are getting.
Bearing in mind what distance you do and on what type of roads etc, Torquay is a really nice place but the roads are not flat and motorways :)