2014 2.2 Relay rattles under load.

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2014 2.2 Relay rattles under load.

Post by MarkandCath »

My 2014 103k 2.2 diesel rattles really badly at start up but it largely settles down after a few minute warm up. When it has warmed up you can rev it up stationary and it sounds fine and likewise if you drive it normally. If you give it some stick the rattly noise comes back and sometimes it sounds like the top end has no oil. Really worrying as you can imagine.

The van is new to me but I have changed the oil and filter (seemed to make it worse), air filter and fuel filter. Does this sound like an injector issue or is the timing chain loose? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: 2014 2.2 Relay rattles under load.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Don't forget to check the not so obvious things like a loose exhaust shield near the back of the manifold and other areas. I had an intermittent rattling noise and it took several mechanics to pinpoint it as a loose heat shield. It got worse at certain revs and quietened down at other times, so don't always assume the worse.