Don't break down in France using French cover!

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Don't break down in France using French cover!

Post by moizeau »

For anyone living in France and possibly other European countries. Broke down on Saturday 40 miles away from my house, called the breakdown, they took the car to the closest garage and put me and my son in a taxi home. Great I thought. Contacted the breakdown again to get my car home (originally I was told that they couldn't bring my car home because it was a weekend and he was on motorway call out). I was told that would cost me 100 euros. Apparently, in France, the car goes to the nearest garage, gets repaired, then you collect it. What happens if you're miles away?
Has anyone had this experience, or a different one?
First time I've used this service in 13 years, and now realise it's worth diddly, apart from getting your car somewhere safe!
I'd love to know if this the norm outside the UK and if there are alternatives?
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Re: Don't break down in France using French cover!

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I've always thought getting the car back was down to you - except many UK schemes allow one overnight stay if the repair can't be done on the day & return travel if on holiday & it can't be done before you have to go home. It never occurred to me that, these days, the cover provided would vary much from country to country.