Relay 2.2 injector code P0303

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Relay 2.2 injector code P0303

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My Relay 2.2 (2007) is having running problems - randomly it looses power which seems to be when warm and changing gear. An example would be changing up from 1st into 2nd, the van looses power (from the point it’s in 2nd) and it won’t accelerate as though it’s bogged down, however if you change upto into 3rd it seems to drive again but not guaranteed. This happens in other gears as well.nit doesn’t cut out, no warning lights and sometimes it won’t rev in neutral. I have read the codes with planet and got 3 EGR codes P0103, P0401 and P0405 so I will replace the EGR. I also have P0303, Intermittent injector 3 signal, injector locked closed, is this likely to the injector or the wiring/plug ? Also if I replace the injector (assuming it will come out) will I need to code the replacement?