Xantia possible sale if all goes well

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Xantia possible sale if all goes well

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I've advertised my Xantia on the forum and wanted to know what a 2001 xantia with 125k, full service history and 2 previous owners would fetch. All work on this car has been carried out by Robin at E Howarth garage Citroen and Mini specialist in Preston known him for 20 years. To me its in excellent condition, no signs of rust, all seats intact no tears no engine warning lights other than that the main airbag light has come on a week ago citroen mechanic has said its easy enough to fix and would do on next MOT which is in November, working air con goes up and down as it should, repairs in my ownership new discs/pads all round, brake cables, top engine mount bush (I think thats what its called) all 6 spheres, rear height corrector repair kit, rear rebound blocks, both front reluctor rings replaced, alternator belt tensioner and belt, front both sides new track rods/front and rear bushes, arb links, track rod ends, ball joints new bearings on alternator, steering hydraulic pipe leak repaired (Savoy), drivers side front hydraulic pipe leak repaired and underside protection and lubrication applied every year.

I'm hopefully going to be the new owner of a C5 hdi mark 1 if all is well and cannot afford to keep the xantia, luckily I can park the car off road if it doesn't sell by October.