Cruise control

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Cruise control

Post by Aaninjs »

Is it possible to retrofit electronic throttle body with cruise control on citroen c5 mk1 with 2.0l 100 kw engine from same year 2.0l hpi engine.I have both cars, one with hpi engine is dameged, so i can't drive it, just realy wanted a cruise control in my car or maybe there is some othere way to get it (i have cabel driven throttle).Is there any existing wiring or you need to make something yourself. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Cruise control

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hard to say as there are other differences to factor as as the electronic control throttle assembly is completely different. You’ll need the correct brake contact switch ( and as yours is left hand drive these are different to the RHD models). The cruise control stalk and compatible control unit under the steering wheel, programming of the function etc. If you have the VIN from both vehicles I might be able to see what each has.

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Re: Cruise control

Post by wheeler »

You cant retrofit CC to petrol models unless it has a motorised throttle body

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Re: Cruise control

Post by white exec »

...or an injection ECU that incorporates the CC function