Citroen Dispatch radio - BSI reset?

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Citroen Dispatch radio - BSI reset?

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Hi, hoping for some advice. My Citroen Dispatch van has the RD$ radio unit. Since I bought it second hand last week, the radio is completely unresponsive, no buttons do anything and it does not turn on,. The time on the multifunction display is flashing, & the date is 2007. Units are metric. The fuel economy readout, distance left in tank etc. are still working, accessed via end stalk button, I've carried out a BSI reset a few times, nothing changed. I've accepted the fact that something needs replacing, but is it likily to be the stereo unit?
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Re: Citroen Dispatch radio - BSI reset?

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Hi (Andy?) and welcome.

You probably have the standard RD4 Head Unit. My first thoughts are that the previous owner may well have had a third party unit installed and possibly may have put the original unit back in before selling it on.

I would first double check the wiring harness at the back of the unit is full and properly connected (always disconnect the quad lock connector first before disconnecting any other connector and re-connect last when reconnecting other connectors). If everything seems present and correct, then I suspect the unit will need the parameters re-configuring back to the vehicle. Further, if it is not the original head unit, but has been replaced with another unit, then it will also need VIN coding to the vehicle to regain functionality. This can be done with Lexia / Diagbox.