Caring for BMW/PSA EP6C THP 1.6 engine (C5 X7)

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Caring for BMW/PSA EP6C THP 1.6 engine (C5 X7)

Post by lkraav »

So, apparently this BMW/PSA cooperative effort is a relatively big technical failure.

My C5 2012 had it's turbo crash by 50K km, timing chains, intake things etc replaced by 80K km, etc. I guess when I bought it now at 100K km, I got a car with 50% newer parts.. :)

Since I learned about these things after purchase, but generally still like the car, I'm looking into simpler things I can do to keep the engine happy. First things that come to mind:

* petrol - only 98
* oil change every 10K km max (or is 5K km really worthwhile?)
* periodical intake cleanse?
* spark plugs swap - "often"?
* service guy: "avoid short drives, where the engine doesnt reach operating temperature" LOL, I like BMW/PSA contribution to individual fitness - instead of short rides, take a damn walk, right?
* EDIT service guy: let the engine idle a bit both pre-takeoff and post-landing, avoid oil burn buildup in the turbo pipe

Anything I'm missing? ... icing-101/ also has a nice health list, but my newbie eye can't tell what is realistic to do and what is not.
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Re: Caring for THP 1.6 engine (C5 X7)

Post by xantia_v6 »

Does yours have the modified PCV system (2012 should have it, but maybe yours sat a while before sale)?
With the earlier system, the back PCV pipe should be blocked off.
With either system (especially the earlier) an oil vapour separator should be fitted in the PCV hose to the turbo inlet. An effective vapour separator should be used (most of the ones for sale are not very effective).

It might not be a general problem, but to avoid super-knock faults being recorded I had to modify the little filter on the atmosphere port of the boost control valve (the filter is clipped on just behind the left hand end of the cam cover).