Citroen C5 Brake Pipe Ends

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Citroen C5 Brake Pipe Ends

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Hi Guys

just a quick question...
i'm running a C5 Estate ('05) i'm trying to confirm the Brake pipe diameter, ends and flare for the pipes that run from front to back
i got an advisory on them at the last MOT and i would like to get them sorted before the next one
the Citroen parts directory on line give most of the pipe diameters and lengths but not theses two
i have had to replace the suspension pipe from front to back it was an absolute pig of a job...but most of it was ok it was only rusted in a couple of placed near the rear subframe
i'm hoping the brake pipes will be the same. i'm planning to cut them under the cabin put a new flare on them and then splice in a new length back to the back
i think the pipe diameter is 3/16" (or 4.7mm) i'm pretty sure the flare is the bubble type but i dont know what the threat type is on the ends
can anyone confirm the details?
i dont want to spend money on the wrong size flare tool or the wrong size pipe
thanks for any info